What should I do in order to join Barracudas?

As you are already reading this you are interested in joining us. Contact us through web form or come and play with us on our practice session and than we can discuss your membership in the afterpractice beer session. 

Is there any membership fee?

Yes. There is an anual fee, 500 CZK. Additional fee comes during the winter months, as we have to rent a gym to continue with practicing during the harsh winter. This fee can differ during the years as we are renting different gyms. 

What can I expect after joining the club?

Hopefully a lot of cricket. Now there is one indoor practice a week (Friday). In summer there are always two and sometimes three outdoor cricket sessions, including a game and coaching. After practicing we always visit local pubs and have a good time because that's exactly what cricket is about. In winter there are few friendly matches against the Prague cricket teams and in summer season we are playing another friendlies on the real pitch in Prague. We are also looking forward to join the Czech summer and winter league.

Do I need any equipment?

For now, it is optional. Our club has all the basic equipment. That includes bats, balls, helmets, pads, gloves and some spare boxes. But as we are joining the summer league friendlies a pair of white trousers and white top will be required.